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We make up two thirds of female instrumentalists at this jazz division, and we'd like to see a future with more girls to play together with. Today, the jazz is on par with the stone age when it comes to equality. The reason behind this is complex: The image of the jazz, conservative traditions, lack of female ideals, etc. There has been a focus on females and jazz in the press recently, but there is a lack of an active arrangement with focus on girls. Positive and special treatment promotes equality, and this camp has the purpose of being both inspirational and motivating to recruit girls to the jazz scene. This camp may change the minds of girls, parents, music and culture related schools, conservatories, change attitudes in the society, and in the long term enrich the jazz community with more female instrumentalists.

Nordic profile
Norway is a leading country when it comes to jazz and equality, but there's still a low number of female instrumentalists. There are only a handful of guitarists, bassists, drummers, trumpetists and trombonists. INFI has a Nordic profile with musicians and participants from several of the Nordic countries. The camp will function as a meeting point and give attendees a bigger network.

Former name: Jazzcamp for female instrumentalists

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Linge, Nina Kristine (+47) 93 82 70 00

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