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Established: 2005

Monzano is an indiepop quartet based in Oslo, Norway. The band began playing Oslos smaller venues five years ago. Subsequent to the release of their first EP in 2005 the band quickly gained recognition for their hooky, spacious and charismatic pop. Their first full length album, High Horses & One Trick Ponies, was released in Norway in 2007 on How is Annie Records, and their long-awaited debut received excellent reviews. The album even caught Japanese interest, and in 2008 High Horses & One Trick Ponies was released in Japan on Friend of Mine Records. The video of the album hit Poster Boy frequented MTV Japan in the months following the release. The EP Bonus Trucks was released few months after the album.

After a couple of changes in the band lineup in August 2008. Monzano with its new constellation and new song material played several shows in Norway throughout 2009 with the ya festival in Oslo as the highlight. After spending the rest of the year in studio, the band's second album By This Time Last Year Everything Will Seem Younger was released in Norway on Spoon Train Audio in February 2010.

Monzano is blending guitar-craftsmanship reminiscent of Built to Spill with swirling synthlines and driving rhythms, yet never losing touch with classic songwriting skills. Their lyrical universe, with its poetic flakiness that swerves between sarcastic cynicism and hearts sewn firmly to their shirt sleeves, is also frequently mentioned as one of their strongholds.

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