Yoyoyo Acapulco

c/o Anja Hellstrand
Elvegata 19
N-2609 LILLEHAMMER, Norway

Web: www.myspace.com/yoyoyoacapulco

Established: 2006

Yoyoyo Acapulco have redesigned the harshness of their environment with pastels colours, tinted of anti-folk-pop, and filled with lot's of brilliant home made sounds.

Placid, nonchalant, the quartet's music blends a laid back voice, languorous keyboards, round basses and acoustic details that warm your heart up and touch us modern music-lovers profoundly.

Arne Martin, the lead singer,confesses his affection for old-school drum sounds, such as in the early Pavements albums, Flaming Lips or Herman Dune, as well as his incapacity to dance like Madonna.

Nothing predisposed these 3 Norwegians, hocked to ukulele, to become part of the pop scene, a part from their enthusiasm and their do it your self attitude. Fun, light, their music's only equal is the videos that accompany their songs such as Mexican Wolfgasket or Patterns of the Swallows. Songs such as Kamasutra Tsunami, where mastered Kazoo and ukulele tunes blend with unstoppable vocal melodies, make Yoyoyo a totally off beat project, their unique sounds, charm and joy are contagious


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