Einar Henning Smebye

Einar Henning Smebye
Pianist, Professor

After a sensational debut in Oslo in 1968, Einar Henning Smebye studied with B. Seidlhofer in Vienna and G. Mounier in Paris. He is active in the Norwegian music scene as a soloist and chamber musician, and has performed at the Bergen International Festival a large number of times, a.o. as a soloist in the Grieg A Minor Concerto in 1980. Has been soloist with all Norwegian symphony orchestras, and has toured all over Norway and given major performances at Norwegian radio and television. He has been on concert tours to France, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, The Baltic, Japan, Mexico and USA. Smebye regards contemporary music as a natural part of his repertory, and has played an important part int the Norwegian new music movement. He has a number of CD recordings, a.o. of Harald Sæverud, Fartein Valen and Beethoven. Since 1995 Smebye has been Professor of piano at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Han was awarded the prize "Musician of the Year 1997" by the Society of Norwegian Composers, and the Fartein Valen Prize 2006.

Email: ehsme@online.no

Born: 1950

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