Glenn Erik Haugland, 2004

Glenn Erik Haugland

Glenn Erik Haugland is a well-known music-dramatist who has dedicated his career to different forms of music theatre. He has lived in Norway since the age of 11, and has made a mark in Norwegian music culture as both a composer, writer as well as former leader of the Norwegian Society of Composers. He has created music theatre in both narrative and more fragmented and experimental forms. His music is closely tied to visual and incidental aspects, and is often "staged" with or without an actual theatre staging.

Haugland is frequently commissioned on many different arenas and has lead Opera Omnia through 40 different music theatre productions. The chamber opera Hulda og Garborg (2001) was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize, whilst the operas Rebekka (2007) and Hypermusikal (2009) have been produced by the Norwegian National Opera. Along with Heidi Tronsmo, Haugland has had successes with PoY! (2001 - from 2011 part of the repetoar of De Nederlandse Opera), Veras Ville Verden (Ultima 1996), 3x3 (DNS 2005) and lately HavFest (2011). For more information:



Born: 29.05.1961 (New York)

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