Henrik Ødegaard

Born in Oslo in 1955. Educated as a music teacher, organist and composer. He has also studied gregorian conducting in the Paris conservatory. His list if works cover all genres, with emphasis on vocal music. Norwegian folk music and gregorian chant are sources of inspiration that often come to sound in his pieces. He has worked quite a lot to make the authentic, ethnic style in folk song survive in new choral arrangements. His work list includes oratories, cantatas, an opera, a musical, theater music, electoacoustic music, a solo concerto, chamber music and solo pieces. Many of his works are composed for amateurs and children, or to musical meetings between them and professionals. In his most recent pieces he explore the use of non-tempered intervals and overtone singing.

Web: www.henrikoedegaard.no

Email: henrikoedegaard@online.no

Born: 28.07.1955 (Oslo)

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