Ida Helene Heidel 2007

Ida Helene Heidel
Composer, Flutist

Ida Helene Heidel as composer and flautist based in Nesoddtangen, an island close to Oslo. She omposes for small and large ensembles, électroacustic music, theater and sound installations and collaborations with plastic and performing arts. Her notation sometime makes use of written instructions and drawings, of indications for facial and gestural expressions and of her own symbols. It may also include a stage setting.

She writes instrumental theatre for children, with elements of interactivity. She has received several grants and commissions and her work has been performed in festivals like Ultima, Tuchfühlung, Ilios, Speculum, Annualen, Bergen International Festival and Festival of North Norway It has been played in the radio in France, Germany and Norway.

She has survived as a street musician in Paris, jazz musician in Paris and New York, flautist in India, composer in residence in the North of Norway and assistant trainee of Peter Konwitchny at the Danish Opera. She has initiated and produced several large musical projects involving children and youth in USA and Norway and has been the head of several large cultural projects, whereof a collaboration with l'Orchestre de Flûtes Français 2007 - 2010 is the last one.

She is also working as a substitute fluteteacher in the Schools of Fine Arts of Oslo, Nesodden, Drøbak and Moss. She is married, with 2 children.



Born: 11.04.1958 (Oslo)

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