Oddvar S. Kvam Foto: Lisbeth Risnes/MIC.NO

Oddvar S. Kvam

Oddvar S. Kvam's main musical education was from the Oslo Music Conservatory, but also from private teachers in Oslo, Copenhagen and New York. He has written more than 200 works of different kinds: 1 opera, 2 symphonies, 2 piano concertos 2 symphonies, 1 violin and 1 cello concerto, several choir songs, piano works, - and instrumental pieces with different instrumentation. His most know work internationally is his Peace Cantata for 2 choirs and Symphony orchestra, performed a.o. in the Nordic countries, Moscow and Gewandthaus Leipzig. He has won a lot of competitions. esp. for choirs, but also a.o. the competition for symphony orchestra for the opening of the new concert hall in Oslo. He was honorary member of the Norwegan Composers Association.

Web: nbl.snl.no/Oddvar_S_Kvam

Born: 26.09.1927 (Ski)

Deceased: 11.12.2016

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