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Chrystalief is a Norwegian, musician, songwriter, producer. His debut-single "Papa You Know" was released in 1999 on the indie-label Supernova. "Papa You Know" was a spiritual mid-tempo song with massive falsetto vocal-arrangements, synthesizers and electric guitars. The second single "Fly With The Boys" was used on the soundtrack for the famous TV-series and is his most successful song in terms of radio-airplay 'Tufte I.L.. Economic disputes between the owners of Supernova put the album-release on hold for two years. "The O.K. club" was released in 2001.

Chrystalief finally broke with the label Supernova, and went on to start recording new material. He released the single "Firebird" and the EP "King" on his own label Rocklegion Music.

Web: www.chrystaliefmusic.com ()

Email: postmaster@chrystaliefmusic.com

Born: 06.04.1975

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