Risto Holopainen08/Foto: Universitetet i Oslo

Risto Holopainen

Born 1970 in Sweden. Studied composition in Härnösand, Sweden (1990-93) and at the Norwegian Academy of Music with Lasse Thoresen and Yngve Slettholm (1994-98), and musicology at the University in Oslo (1999-2001), exploring some techniques of sound synthesis and signal processing. He has been involved as a co-editor of the Norwegian contemporary music journal Parergon, since its start in 1997. On rare occasions, he has been known to perform improvised music on keyboards and hawaii guitar, amongst others with the electronic trio (x,y,z). In 1992-1996 he contributed to the degeneration of swedish folk music as a pianist in the ensemble Sälta. Recent activities include computer animation and composing music for dance in collaboration with choreographer Vivild Bergersen.

Web: folk.uio.no/ristoh

Email: risto.holopainen@imv.uio.no

Born: 02.06.1970

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