Sigrid Moldestad
Folk Artist

Sigrid Moldestad is a vibrant and versatile artist with exceptional communicative abilities. New songs, old songs, strong and beautiful stories. She plays both hardangerfiddle and fiddle. In her own band she is joined by Sigbjørn Apeland (harmonium), Jørgen Sandvik (guitar, banjo, mandolin) and Anders Hall (fiddle, viola, Hardanger fiddle) and Anders Bitustøyl ( bass) + Stein Urheim and Mattias Perez. (guitars)

Norwegian Grammy 2007 for the album “Taus”
Norwegian Grammy 2005 for the album
"Nygamaltgamaltnymalt å fyyy:.!" with the trio Gamaltnymalt ( Einar Mjølsnes and Håkon Høgemo)

2010 Sigrid Moldestad "Sandkorn"
2007 Sigrid Moldestad "Taus"
2005 Spindel "Aminje"
2005 Moldesad-Høgemo-Mjølsens "Nygamaltgamaltnymalt å fyy!.."
2001 Liv Merete Kroken & Sigrid Moldestad "Spindel"



Born: 19.07.1972

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