Reidar Brendeland

Reidar Brendeland
Artist, Songwriter

Vestlandsfanden is founded by singer and main songwriter Reidar Brendeland in 1979, the story of Vestlandsfanden is a story of growing success. The unique blend of folkmusic and rock has established Vestlandsfanden as one of the strongest liveacts in Scandinavia. Even as far away as Hong Kong, Vestlandsfanden turned the three generation audiences into diehard fans at the Eurochristmas 2000(50 000+ attending every day). The 20th anniversary album(Universal Music) has now been certified Gold(25 000+) in the Norwegian market. Throughout the years Vestlandsfanden has made countless TV and radio appearances, as well as playing festivals all over Scandinavia. They have also received strong airplay in both Norwegian and Swedish radio. 100 successfull shows- every year- for 25 years, -is all the proof you ever need.



Born: 19.06.1951 (Sauda)



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