Rolf Graf

Rolf Graf
Bassist, Editor

Hi I'm Rolf, the bassplayer, artist, songwriter and producer who like to meet and cooperate with people doing all kinds of music, as long as it´s with passion and heart. I have been a part of the norwegian band LAVA (Randy Crawfords backingband for 10 - 12 years). Touring and recording all over the world with her. Recording (and touring) with Sissel Kyrkjebø, Trine Rein, Elisabeth Andreassen. Production credits with different artists / styles such as Mezzoforte (Iceland), The Ancestors (US), TinDrum (N), Floweryard (N). These days I would like to produce younger rock-acts, and think energy, attidude and liveliness is underestimated.



Born: 28.04.1960 (Oslo)

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