Geir Børresen
Actor, Artist

I am painting under water. A dream since I began diving in 1961, the same time as I started at the National College of art and Design(SHKS). My dream was renewed when I spent three summers at Kalmar Lens Museum excavating a sunken ship "Kronan", off Oland off the the southeast coast of Sweden. Marine archaelogy.Among the things we had to be able to do on the seabed 27 metres down was to draw. Thus began the experiments to add colours on the canvases in the Red Sea. I had to weld special frames. Sew canvases into the frames. Oil paint pressed into filmboxes. It worked! Under water I use palette knives and nails. I am also acter in TV-series and film. Geir Borresen



Born: 16.11.1942 (Oslo)

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