DJ CHARLIE - is one of the most popular DJs in Norway. He has has had 150-270 days of spinning records every year since it all started in New York in 1984, counting 4000 successful events. 20 years of experience as a full time DJ and a collection of 5000 CDs (100 000 songs). He has done many events where his entertainment has been combined with well known artists such as: Vikingarna, Smokie, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Tor Endresen, Ole Ivars, Stage Dolls, Åge Aleksandersen, Terje Tysland, D.D.E., Ari Behn, Boney M, Rene Dif from Aqua and others. He is one of the few who travels all around the world with varied types of music and a style which is flexible and appeals to his audience. He played at Hamar and Lillehammer during the winter Olympics in 1994 and he was a DJ in the Caribbean on the cruise boat SS Norway

Web: djcharlie.no

Email: booking@djcharlie.no


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