Eva "vi" Bognar
Artist, Singer

vi started singing Hungarian country music when she was 6 years old. She has released 4 albums with the Hungarian group Baby Sisters: "Jo estet nyar jo estet szerelem" (BMG) 1997, "Hoppa" (BMG) 1998, " Legy a partnerem"(Hungaroton) 1999, "Lesz ami lesz" (2000,Hungaroton)

In 2003 she went solo and released "Hyberalom" (Idea Produkcio), and the same year she was the lead singer on the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Budapest Since December 2005 she has been working in Alicante as the guest star, where she sings english, spanish, brazilian and hungarian songs.

Email: bognarevi@yahoo.com

Born: 23.05.1977 (Budapest)



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