- Skatebård

Bård Aasen Lødemel
-started musical carreer at the age of 13 as a rock drummer
-always had musical interest split equally between rock and electronic music
-listening to techno music on his cassette walkman in the forests by his home town in the early nineties
-bought his first italian synth in 1995
-also known as member of norwegian alternative hip hop group ’side brok’
-debut solo record in 2002 for Telle Records, now sold out and a collector’s item
-has released 12-inches for these labels: Radius Records, Supersoul Recordings, Tellè Records, Keys of Life Finland , Sex Tags Mania.
-runs his own label Digitalo Enterprises, distributed exclusively by Kompakt.
-has remixed Annie, The Wörk, Frost, Au Revoir Simone, Datarock, Simian Mobile Disco (SMD) and Sally Shapiro.
-has played venues and festivals all over Europe such as Panorama Bar, 103 Club, Tape Club, Ausland, Robert Johnson, Batofar, Nitsa, Grodan Grev Ture, Nefertiti, Orange, Kuudeslinja, Erottaja Bar, Airwaves Festival, Quart Festival, Øya Festival, Molde International Jazz Festival, Ekko Festival, Borealis Festival and naturally any club worth playing in Norway .

Web: www.myspace.com/skatebaard



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