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Anne Hytta
Folk Musician

Anne Hytta (born 1974) from Sauland in the southeastern part of Norway is currently living in Oslo. She is among the foremost performers of the Hardanger violin, a special fiddle with sympathetic strings and its own repertoire of traditional tunes. In 2006 and 2007 Anne Hytta received the Government Grants for younger artists.

Her solo album "dag, kveld, natt" (day, evening, night) is an album containing three landscapes of sonorous sounds from the Hardanger violin. The bright light day, the shadows evening, and the dark night, is represented on the record through three different ways of tuning the fiddle, which illuminate different harmonies and sounds. A diverse record with tunes from Telemark is the result, tunes Anne Hytta has learned from fiddlers in her home valley. She received the Norwegian Folk Music Award for best solo album in 2006.

When not focusing on the solo hardanger violin repertoire Anne writes and performs music with her trio Slagr. In addition to herself, Sigrun Eng plays the cello and Amund Sjølie Sveen plays vibraphone. Inspiration from old traditional music with its harmonies partly based on a medieval melodic feeling, adds a special melodic flavour to their music. The cello and hardanger fiddle often carries the melody, applying both the ornamentations and bowing style preferred in the hardanger violin repertoire. The ornaments can to some extent be compared to the ornaments you find in baroque music. The vibraphone founds a musical background and contrast to the cello and hardanger violin that brings out a mystic element in their music. The music of Slagr has been characterized as contemporary world music from the north. In 2004 she wrote the commission concert to the Telemark Festival with Slagr. The concert received good critics: "Marvellous new folk music" (Telemarksavisa).


Born: 14.09.1974 (Sauland, Telemark)

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