Kim André Rysstad
Artist, Singer songwriter

Kim André Rysstad, born in Rysstad, Setesdal Norway, is a young traditional vocalist who in a short time has earned a reputation as a highly respected performer with his own distinctive idiom. He presents stev, folk songs and ballads from Setesdal and Telemark.

He studied classical singing before deciding to study folk music at HiT, avd. Rauland and at the Ole Bull Academy. During his studies with masters such as Kirsten Bråten Berg, Agnes Buen Garnås and Ånon Egeland he acquired a sound basis in vocal folk music traditions from both Agder and Telemark. Kim André Rysstad has won first prize in the Class B vocal category at the National Contest for Traditional Music, and has qualified for the elite Category A. He has won the Setesdal Contest for Traditional Music several years in a row.

In 2004 he embarked on a collaboration with guitarist Trond Sporsheim Berg, which has resulted in a number of concerts at some of Norway’s largest folk music festivals. He released his debut recording "Tak hardt uti hand" in autumn 2007.


(Rysstad, Setesdal)

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