Photo: Benedikte Skarvik

Jorun Marie Kvernberg
Traditional fiddler

With her fiddle and Hardanger fiddle, Jorun Marie Kvernberg proves that the traditional music, with its sincere, initmate and powerful style, is particularly suited to touch people’s hearts. Listen to her merry dance tunes and melancholic melodies from the western coast of Norway, and she might even surprise you with her singing as well. Her energetic stage presence and innovative fiddling makes her one of the most interesting young representatives of the traditional fiddle music today.

Jorun Marie Kvernberg released her debut album in 2006.

Kvernberg is also a member of the groups Majorstuen, Tindra, Unni Boksasp Ensemble and Bruvoll/Halvorsen.



Born: 1979 (Fræna)

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