Hoss Curtis

I'm primarly a country singer. But I add some folk, blues, rock into it also…sometimes. Been singing most of my life, more formally with a band since 2003. My main focus now and for a while is to make music and to promote myself. I'll hook up a band later and tour around. The name of the band is ‘Hoss Curtis & The Ramblin Men -or just Hoss Curtis. I'm more "old school" musically! My greatest inspiration is Waylon Jennings, and I`m also influenced of artists like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. Still, it`s hundreds of artists I like, and thousands of songs -literally!

I will keep on working on my skills as a musician; mainly singing, writing and rehearsing on the guitar. I am also working on other projects as my own music-studio -also looking out for other talents and wannabis. It is partly dedicated to poor musicians/artists and people with some "baggage" in life trying to do something better with it! Look me up if you live in the area or nearby.

I have uploaded 28 new songs on my mainsites –one maxi-single and 2 CD's! My international CD is out here and everywhere, my other CD and single can be found on other sites. I have also a radio single out in Norway, and a video of the same song out on national TV.

Send me a mail if you want to buy my Norwegian CD, play it on reverbnation. I’ve got a great deal on + signing! You'll find over 50 songs around to play for free online, and also to buy both hardcase CD and download -best deal is to buy directly! I've got many questions about gigs and band, and all I can say is that I'm now focusing on recordings! But I'll be around later! Anything else you want to know, please ask me! Send me orders or words to: hosscurtis@gmail.com.

You can also join me on MySpace: www.myspace.com/hosscurtisandtheramblinmen -feel free to take contact and/or add yourself on any of my pages on reverbnation, facebook, twitter a.o. It’s over 25000 friends & fans on my sites, and my songs has been played over 450000 times! Great feedbacks too -it’s AWESOME for me!! Anyone that wants to sign me up -just call me before it`s too late!

Web: hosscurtis.com

Email: hosscurtis@gmail.com

Born: 13.07.1968 (Kristiansund)

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