Torhild Ostad

Torhild Ostad - "Blomar i moll". The CD's title means both "Flowers In Soil" and "Flowers In A Minor Key". A recording debut by a unique and solitary voice (in every sense). A folk music CD with one vocal voice only was never before released in Norway. Torhild Ostad's debut record, -Blomar I Moll-, contains 16 songs: traditional lullabies and folk hymns.
ONE VOICE. Religious folk hymns and lullabies from all parts of Norway performed without any accompaniment, bare and with total intimacy. As such this makes Torhild Ostad's record one of a kind. It is a homage to a rich musical tradition and to all of them who, often modestly, have carried this tradition. This is how Torhild Ostad herself describes her CD album and her own encounter with the traditional folk music heritage: - I have learned this way of singing from recordings of old people. Our Norwegian folk music is a soloistic tradition. You can raise up and sing all by yourself where ever. This is fantastic. The folk tunes have strength and simplicity. And every performer has her own personal and individual timbre. -



Born: 21.06.1969 (Narvik)

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