Malgorzata Milewska Sundberg
PhD of Music Arts

MAŁGORZATA MILEWSKA SUNDBERG is the first and, so far the only person among Polish and Norwegian harpists, to have gained a PhD of Music Arts in the artistic area of instrumental studies. She pursued her doctoral studies at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music (FCUM) in Warsaw.

MMSundberg is also one of very few harpists ever to give solo monographic recitals of music composed exclusively by Carlos Salzedo. She has also released a CD with only original harp solo pieces by this genius composer.

MMS’s harp model is an expression of admiration for the harp art of Carlos Salzedo and is called „Salzedo Concert Grand Model”. The harp was visualized by the master himself and was designed by his close friend Witold Gordon, an architect and painter of Polish origin. The project of the modern Salzedo harp was executed by the Lyon & Healy harp builders from Chicago in 1928. MMS’s harp was built in 1995.

Currently, Małgorzata Milewska-Sundberg is giving concerts and teaching. She conducts academic seminars at various schools of music and universities.



Born: 23.12.1949 (Warszawa)



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