Bjørn Sigurd Glorvigen

Bjørn Sigurd Glorvigen is a Norwegian folk singer originally from Dovre, but now living in Oslo. He has studied folk music with singers like Berit Opheim and Unni Løvlid and graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2010. He has recorded two CDs with the group Østenfor Sol on the label MajorStudio. Between 1998 and 2008 Glorvigen was a member of the Oslo Chamber choir. There he was much used as a soloist in the choirs folk music projects and he still works with the choir in recordings and concerts. During the last years Glorvigen has concentrated on the folk music from his home place Dovre in the district of Gudbrandsdalen. In 2011 he will do a collection work there on behalf of The Norwegian Council for tradtional music and dance.


Born: 1972 (Dovre)


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