Maya Vik
Bass player

The multifaceted musician Maya Vik plays bass in Norwegian Grammy-winning progressive pop group Montée, and has previously played in bands such as Savoy and Furia. The funk extravaganza 'Chateau Faux-Coupe' is her first solo release, in which she digs into 70s fusion, Minneapolis funk, 90s hip hop and more, over the sound of the classic drum machine Linn LM-1, which was immortalized in countless hits from the 1980s.The album was mixed by producer and engineer Jimmy Douglass, who has been among the most popular contributors to Americanpopular music since the 1970s, and has won four Grammy Awards. The album is released on vinyl and mp3 through the book MV, which is a collaboration between Maya, Paul Laukli (photographer) and Gary Swindell (art director). The book contains images from a photo exhibition of the same name, held October 19th in Oslo.


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